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Extending TeleFinder Mac Web Server and BBS

Extending TeleFinder

PI's Included - Restart, Hit Chart, Change Password, Finger, Web User Manager, C++ Plug-ins included free with TeleFinder! TF also NOW includes the HDS Mail Plug-In for web based mail!

Online Assistant - OAT - Online Assistant for TeleFinder from Highlander Data Systems LTD. is now available with your purchase of a new license or upgrade or available for a nominal fee as an addition to your existing license.

HDS Mail - HDS Email Docs (HDS Plug-In) Help file for Highlander's Web Mail Plug-In. HDS Email Instructions - Help file for Highlander's Web Mail Plug-In

SPML Commands - TeleFinder's Web Server allows users to create dynamic pages which can selectively provide information to clients on the fly, setup file downloading, manipulate forms data, perform custom logging and more.

Active Pages are created using TeleFinder's Server Parsed HTML (SPML) commands which includes the well-known NCSA/Netscape/Apache Server Side Include (SSI ) command set, plus a number of very powerful extended commands.

Serve Hypercard Stacks - Learn how use LiveCard to serve Hypercard stacks with your TeleFinder server!

Framing Offsite Links - Learn how to use Framing techniques using TeleFinder's Server Side Includes in an article written by Rusty Tucker

SPML Dynamic Demo - shows SPML using variables to change backgrounds. Can be used to change elements on your web site.

TFeCommerce - online demo shows a simple store with order form. SPML output to mail address. Download file from SPML Templates area below.

TF Web Upload - allows Netscape users to upload from the web to your system.

TF Admin - Sysop Stats Demo - shows how my sysop administration functions work.

User Manager PI - allows remote web management of the user manager program. Included Free with TeleFinder Server.

Suzie 1.7 - Suzie is a utility that performs several user management functions for TeleFinder™ sysops.

Suzie 2.0 - Suzie is a utility that performs several user management functions for TeleFinder™ sysops.

SPML Feedback Demo - shows SPML to send feedback via email with no cgi

SPML General Chat Demo - simple chat system using SPML -pioneered by Scooby

Fun Stuff - fun things for your web site, most of which use SPML. 8Ball, Zelda, Card Trick, Mad Cow Tester, Baby Namer. Download files from SPML Templates area below.

BIAP Chat - D/L - older "free" version with instructions for using with TeleFinder.

PowerKey Pro Tickler - a Web Server Plugin that maintains the "Application Timer" of the PowerKey Pro.

KeySpan - this links to the KeySpan product area. They carry a line of peripherals that help extend the capabilities of your Mac. I run the SXPro 4 Port Serial Card to give me high speed dialup ports. carry both Nubus and PCI Serial Cards to add more dialup ports. They work well with TF. I have a used Hurdler Nubus 4 Port Card in the store.

TF Email ACGI - TF Email Docs (acgi) - instructions for using the older Web Mail acgi makes a good backup for HDS Mail and is free!

TF Analog Docs - how to use Analog (Log Analysis) with TeleFinder Web Server. Analog Report - actual report file for Headap generated by Analog

TF NetCloak Docs - plug-in from Maxxum Software. is TF 5.7 compatible. Read the online instructions.

TF Commenter - Telefinder Commenter application enables the commenting of archives. Similar to Show Info but smaller.

Lollipop - Usenet New Sucker that works with TF Special Keyless Version now available. Thanks Jim! Headgap registration required.

Macjordomo - List Server program that distributes email to a large number of people that are all subscribers to the same list. TF Compatible.

Crush FTP Server- Instructions for FTP server that can run in conjunction with TF. Shareware ($20).

Rumpus FTP Server - Instructions for FTP server that can run in conjunction with TF

Lasso - from Blueworld - allows FileMaker to serve web databases.

Postcard - writes customized text onto the postcard and emails the graphic to the recipient. No "pickup" number, helper applications, are required. Works with TF! Try mine!

TFAppleEG Search acgi- Docs to use Apples Search Technology Beta Versions with TeleFinder Web Server.

TF Sherlock PI - How to write a Sherlock PI for your TF Web Server using the TFAppleEG Search acgi

Finger Plug-In - Finger Plug-in is a Finger Client Gateway for your web site. You can use it to see the user's connected to a site, view a user's plan, or verify email addresses. Free with TeleFinder Server.

SPML Templates- SPML examples for use on any TF Web Server. Headgap registration required.

Version Master CGI - allows webmasters to display, in real time, a list of the latest Macintosh software updates, their version numbers, and a link to the manufacturer's home page. TF notes included! FREE! Try mine!

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