Notes From Operator Headgap Systems: Rumpus makes a nice addition to TeleFinder and adds full FTP functionallity to your system. It is not inexpensive, but it doesn't use Users & Groups and Filesharing like the shareware options that cause problems. You can set your users up and link Rumpus right to their individual Web Space Folders. To read more and download a 30 day trial version visit:

Version 1.3


Based on Maxum's proven, high-performance Macintosh TCP/IP server engine, Rumpus offers the performance and reliability of high-end workstations with the ease of use, security, and flexibility of the Macintosh.

Rumpus also offers a wide range of advanced features including:

To meet the needs of smaller sites as well as large installations and ISPs, Rumpus is offered in both standard and Pro versions. The standard version supports up to 32 simultaneous users and 32 user accounts defined in Rumpus' built-in security. For larger sites and ISPs, Rumpus Pro supports up to 256 simultaneous connections and user accounts defined in built-in security are limited only by RAM. Besides these differences, the Standard and Pro versions are identical.

User's Guide

"The Premier FTP Server For MacOS"



Legal Stuff
Welcome to Rumpus
About this Guide, Getting Help and Requirements
Installing Rumpus
Basic Configuration
Security Options
Logging Options
Encoding Options
Customizing Login Messages
Anonymous Options
General Administration Options
Defining Users
Remote User Account Administration
User Account Management Using AppleEvents
Monitoring Usage
Adding Users Via File Sharing
Using Aliases: A Simple Example
Using Aliases: A Complex Example
Choosing A Security Model
Linking To Your FTP Site Via The Web
Additional FTP Information
Upgrading Rumpus

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