HDS Web Mail for TeleFinder

By Highlander Data Systems

Author Jonathan Paisley was kind enough to supply Operator Headgap Systems, Inc. with the ability to assign registration numbers for this program. This was the final release for HDS Mail and is still labeled a beta. It is the most stable and trouble free version and I have used this version on several servers for several years. I wish this program would have continued to be updated because there are a few features that it lacks. With that aside however it does enable your TeleFinder System users to access their mail from any "net terminal" anywhere in the world.

We are very happy to be able to offer both a trial and permanent version for use with your system. We recommend that you Upgrade to v5.7.3 if you haven't already. With your upgrade you will receive a permanent registration for HDS Mail and Online Assistant (OAT). If you are already running 5.7.3 you can simply register HDS mail and OAT for $9.95 each or $17.95 for both.

With your upgrade or purchase we will gladly assist you in setting up and troubleshooting the programs for your system.


The HDS Web Mail for TeleFinder plugin is designed to allow users of TeleFinder to access their email through the Web Server. This means that people can access their email from anywhere, provided there is an internet connection available.


  1. Choose Server Settings… from the Web menu in TeleFinder Server.
  2. Select the Realms pane in the settings window
  3. Click on the Add button.
  4. Fill in the dialog box as follows:
 You can edit the Access Groups settings as you like in order to adjust who can access the plugin administration pages.

5. Click OK in the Realm dialog box.
6. Click OK in the Web Settings window.


Getting Started

Before you can start using the plugin, you must enter the registration code that you have received from Operator Headgap Systems.

To get a trial keycode send a request to headgap@headgap.com with the following information (for example):

Sysop Name Ken Sutherland
BBS Name Highlander BBS
TF Serial Number TF00-32123

Don't forget to mention the name "HDS Web Mail" when requesting your code.

Once you have your demo keycode or you have purchased HDS Web Mail you can enter the code by accessing the plugin's administration page:

Logging On

Viewing Mail

To view a mail item, simply click on the hyperlink (the subject line), or check the check box to the left of the item and choose 'View'. You may check more than one mail item in order to view more than one item on a single page (only available in Classic or Tabular browser view).

Downloading Files

If you want to download a file that's listed in the browser as a 'File in Mailbox', then simply click on its name. Depending on the transfer encoding settings you have set in the Preferences page (see the link at the bottom of the browser), the file will be transferred using plain binary, binhex or macbinary.

Deleting Mail

To delete mail, simply check the mail items as desired and select 'Delete'. You can also delete mail while you are reading it by hitting the Delete button next to the mail item. This is only available in Classic or Tabular browser views. Additionally, you can only delete files in your mailbox from Tabular browser view.

Sending Mail

First choose 'New Mail Message' from the main email page. Fill in the necessary fields of the form that appears and select 'Send' to send the mail message. If the New Mail Message button is not present it means that you don't have privileges to send email.

Replying to Mail

In order to reply to mail, simply push the 'Reply' button at the bottom of the mail message. The entire original message will automatically be quoted, and you can edit it as desired. To send the new message, choose 'Send'.

Cool Features (or features we think are cool)


Make sure that you are using a recent version of the TF Server. We recommend TeleFinder 5.7 release or later, although it should work with 5.5 and 5.6.

Some users have reported that they need to increase the amount of memory allocated to TF Server. This probably depends on the number of users accessing the plugin simultaneously&emdash;however, the plugin does allocate around 50Kb memory for a cache when it loads, so this may be enough to cause a problem in some cases.

Release History


The following files have changed in this release:


The following files have changed in this release:


The following files have changed in this release:


1.0 (real)

The following files have changed in this release:

0.9b6 (also 1.0 original)






Known Bugs and Limitations

Available from Operator Headgap Systems, Inc.