Serving Hypercard Via TeleFinder

Dennis Walsak, a fellow TF Sysop dropped me a line and asked if I had ever heard of LiveCard. I hadn't and he went on to tell me that LiveCard was once distributed with HyperCard when you bought a new Mac and it allowed you to serve HyperCard stacks over the web using your web server. He had tried a time or two and didn't have any luck getting it working and asked if I would look into it.

I finally figured out the problem and was able to make it work successfully. Thanks for asking Dennis, because it works well and is nifty. Here are the instructions.


Use LiveCard 1.1 with TeleFinder Server v5.7.3

The instructions given with Livecard are simple and easy to follow. They will not work straight up with TeleFinder's web server however. The instructions tell you to make an alias of Hypercard and change it's name to Livecard.acgi and then to place the alias into the root webserver folder. TeleFinder will not see this alias. What you do instead is pull Hypercard from it's folder and place it directly into the root webspace folder and name it LiveCard.acgi and make an alias of it and name it Hypercard and put that alias back in the Hypercard folder.

For the rest just follow the instructions and you too can be serving Hypercard stacks via TeleFinder, LiveCard and Hypercard.

As far as I can find, LiveCard is no longer supported. It does work okay on most stacks once you figure out how to navigate.

There are lots of Hypercard stacks available and perhaps you can use this to extend the uses of your web site.

We ran this on my test server site running TeleFinder v5.7.3 and MacOS9.04 along with Hypercard 2.2

Bob -

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