TeleFinder Installation Instructions Below! NetCloak does extend TF's capabilities a bit beyond the SPML command set. It adds some additional math and security features.


About NetCloak

Welcome to NetCloak, the dynamic web server plug-in. NetCloak lets you easily add counters, tailor your pages to different clients, automatically maintain page headers and footers, and more!

NetCloak is a plug-in or CGI that works with all Mac-based web servers, including WebSTAR, WebTen and AppleShare/IP. Since NetCloak is a server add-on, there are no potential browser incompatibilities. You can use NetCloak's capabilities in your pages without a lot of testing or worrying about whether it will work for all of the visitors to your site.


Simple Solutions

NetCloak's functions are all implemented by simple, HTML-like commands. No programming makes NetCloak's web site power accessible to almost everyone! If you can use HTML, you can use NetCloak commands to add dynamic information to your pages, make page maintenance simpler with macros, and manage visits to your site with redirects and counters.


Advanced Capabilities

There are features of NetCloak for advanced webmasters, too. Variables, cookies and math functions can be used to track visitors to your site, maintain user preferences or even accept orders online. Use NetCloak to make your error page intelligent so that it can automatically send users to the correct page or a related page when their request doesn't work.


Professional Version

NetCloak Pro adds forms processing and e-mail integration to NetCloak's powerful suite of commands. With NetCloak Pro, you can turn information from HTML forms into data files, formatted e-mail messages or even new web pages. Make your site interactive- NetCloak Pro makes it possible for users to add content to your site with no knowledge of HTML at all! NetCloak Pro makes it easy to accept information requests, add a guest book or threaded discussion forums to your web site.

Mailing list subscription maintenance and other forms to e-mail solutions are only the beginning of what you can do with NetCloak Pro's mailing features. Complete e-mail integration means that NetCloak Pro can also receive e-mail to be processed just like form data to implement web-based e-mail, mailing list archives and more. With NetCloak Pro, your intelligent error page can automatically notify you via e-mail when users encounter a bad link on your site.


Learn More

More details about NetCloak's commands and features are on the NetCloak Features page. You have already seen NetCloak in action on our site with macros and page counters... for more complex demonstrations of what you can do with NetCloak, visit the NetCloak Examples Server. Ready to try NetCloak yourself? Click Download and grab a free, fully functional demo version!

Installing the NetCloak Plug-In
with TeleFinder

Copy the NetCloak Files folder to the same folder as the TeleFinder application.

Copy the "NetCloak Plug-In" file from the "NetCloak" folder to the "Plug-Ins" folder in the same folder as the TeleFinder application.

Copy the "NetCloak.acgi" application into the same folder as the TeleFinder (???) application (not the "Plug-Ins" folder). You will need the CGI to configure NetCloak and edit settings.

Launch TeleFinder.

Verify that NetCloak has registered as a plug-in. When resgistered it will appear as an External Handler with the Handler name "CLOAK_PI".

If you want to process all ".html" files through NetCloak, also follow these steps:

Select "Server Settings..." from TeleFinder's "Web" menu.

Click on the "Handlers" icon to display the Handlers pane.

Select the entry for .html and click on the "Change" button to open the handler edit dialog.

Change the Handler to "Other" and then enter "CLOAK_PI" into the name field. Click in the OK button to confirm the Handler. Then Click in the OK button of the Web Settiings window to save the changes and reset the server. Also change the Handler for ".htm" so that PC users with Personal Web Sites can use the NetCloak features in their pages.