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TFNet - TeleFinder conference network linked to other systems worldwide. Headgap registration required. (Live)

TFNet Conferences - support area for TeleFinder sysops and the members on TeleFinder BBS's - networked. Headgap registration required. (Live)

Mac UseNet List - a complete list of all Mac related newsgroups. Visit my Mac Usenet Conferences linked live with the Internet via Lollipop. Headgap registration required. (Live)

TF Web Sites - updated list of other TeleFinder Systems

TF Sysop Chats - Archive of the Spider Island sponsored chats

TF Video Conferencing - Archive of the Spider Island sponsored Video Chats

TF Sysop Links - Links of interest for Sysops by TF Author Rusty Tucker.

Add URLs FREE - Information for listing your website with Direct links to the top search engines. Valuable links to MetaTag sites that help you get your site listed in the top. Also links to find out how to keep web robots out of your log and graphic files. Contents links- add more content to your pages with these valuable resource links.

TF ChatEvents Docs - Learn how to fully utilize the power of TF Chat.

Internet Protocols - Standards for the Internet - covers http1.1, pop3, email, and stmp.

AppleScript Language Guide - in Acrobat PDF format. (1.2 meg)

Multihoming - information file on Single Link Multihoming

Apple's How to Write A Sherlock Plug-in.

How to Write a Sherlock PI by Gordon Lacey.

MacsBug_6.6 Release Notes - current instructions useful when running this debug program - 1.4 Meg 6.2 Debugging Guide in PDF

IC Config Docs - Instructions for setting up Internet Config.

Mac FTP List - updated list and info on Mac FTP Sites.

Cookies - Cookies are a general mechanism which server side connections (such as CGI scripts) can use to both store and retrieve information on the client side of the connection.

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