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TeleFinder Hobbyist License $99

Macintosh User Group/Hobbyist TeleFinder BBS Order Form

Macintosh multiline BBS system for unlimited Mac and Windows users. Now includes Web Server, MailServer, AppleTalk Access, Internet TCP/IP and TFNet.

To place your order online or call Operator Headgap Systems at 1-405-601-5288, fax 1-405-445-0796 or mail the following form with the signed license agreement and payment for $149.00* to:

Operator Headgap Systems
TeleFinder BBS User Group/ Hobbyist Special
7308 S. Klein
OKC, OK 73139
fax #

Note: However you purchase the software the agreement part of this form must be signed and on file before we will ship. Ordering online and faxing a copy of the agreement is the fastest.

User Group: ____________________

Your Name: ____________________

Day Phone (___)________________

Fax (___)________________

Address: ____________________

City, ST, ZIP: ____________________


Payment: VISA/MC __ encl. Check __ Discover __ AMEX__

AMEX/VISA/MC/DS # ____________________, Exp Date __/ __



TeleFinder BBS ...................................$99.00

User Group/ Hobbyist Special

OKLA. sales tax (residents only) .085 ....._______

*shipping ............................................._______

total ....................................................._______

* Shipping Rates:


TeleFinder BBS
Macintosh User Group/Hobbyist License Agreement

TeleFinder BBS, and the manual describing this software and its operation, were developed and copyrighted by Spider Island Software, and are licensed to you on a nontransferable, non-exclusive basis. You must treat this software like any other copyrighted material, and take the appropriate steps to protect Spider Island Software's rights. In the event of termination of this license, you must take immediate steps to return all copies of the software.


  • Spider Island Software grants you a non-exclusive license to use the software according to the terms set forth below. You may:
  • Operate the Host and User Manager software on one computer at a time for the noncommercial use of the Macintosh User Group.
  • Make on backup copy of the software, which automatically becomes the property of Spider Island Software, and is subject to this agreement.
  • Distribute copies of TeleFinder™/User to members of your user group for the purpose of noncommercial communication with your host.


You may not:

  • Copy or distribute copies of the software to others.
  • Transfer this software and its license to another person or entity.
  • Reverse-engineer, disassemble, decompile or make any attempts to discover the source code to the software.
  • Translate or create derivative works based upon the software or user documentation.
  • Remove, obscure, or alter any notice of the copyright, or other proprietary rights related to the software.
  • Operate the software on more than one computer at a time.
  • Use the software for commercial purposes.



signature_______________________ date _____________


TeleFinder is the best hobby bbs and web server

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