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TeleFinder Web Server-BBS News

 TeleFinder the best mac web server and mac bbs TeleFinder News

TeleFinder News 8-30-01

HDS Web Mail and Online Assistant Now Available!

Author Jonathan Paisley was kind enough to supply Operator Headgap Systems, Inc. with the ability to assign registration numbers for these programs. We offer the final release for HDS Mail and Online Assistant and both are still labeled beta. They are both stable and trouble free versions and I have used these version on several servers for several years. I wish these fine programs would have continued to be updated because there are a few features that I would like to see added. With that aside however HDSMail does enable your TeleFinder System users to access their mail from any "net terminal" anywhere in the world. Online Assistant (OAT) adds many useful features to your TeleFinder system.

We are very happy to be able to offer both a trial and permanent versions for use with your system. We recommend that you Upgrade to v5.7.3 if you haven't already. With your upgrade you will receive a permanent registration for HDS Mail and Online Assistant (OAT). If you are already running 5.7.3 you can simply register HDS mail and OAT for $9.95 each or $17.95 for both.

With your upgrade or purchase we will gladly assist you in setting up and troubleshooting the programs for your system. Click here to order.

Mac OS9.2.2

We are beginning preliminary tests on OS9.2.2 but we have already had reports of folks using it. As with 9.1 there are extensions that can conflict with server operations that have to be disabled.

Bob Nunn

Operator Headgap Systems, Inc.
TeleFinder Sales and Support 1-405-601-5301

Quality refurbished Mac systems, new and used accessories!
Toll Free Order Line 1-877-639-1543


  TeleFinder News 1-12-01

TeleFinder Mac OS9.1 Compatible!

I did some quick preliminary testing with both the Mac Client and the Server. The I am currently using the client on a Mac system with 9.1 installed. I haven't had time to check every feature but I would guess it is 100% compatible.

The 5.7.3 version of the Server runs okay but I have only had it online in test mode for about 4 hours. The only thing I have seen is that 9.1 handles window color differently and the node windows get dark. A refresh by opening and closing the windows fixes it and it doesn't effect the system operation.

9.1 will probably prove to be okay to run on a TeleFinder server. Version 9 and up require that you turn off some of the conflicting extensions and it doesn't like Microsoft Explorer extensions. I will have a link to an ASP sheet to give you some guidance on what extensions to run on your server.


TeleFinder News 11-3-00

Find Out Exactly Where You Are At, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME for FREE!

Thanks to the recent launch of the new GLONASS, Global Navigation Satellite System and some innovative new technology you can now find your exact position anywhere in the world via any common Internet capable terminal. This is also good for radionavigation, automatic vehicle location (AVL), C/A Code, differential, DGPS, navigation, vehicle tracking, precision farming, precise timing, position-reporting, ITS, intelligent transportation systems surveying etc. Before now to use any GPS device to find your exact position costs thousands of dollars. Global Positioning Systems (GPS) units are more common than ever...being used to locate fishing hotspots, or for the location of a prime hunting area. Designed for the indoor enthusiast, GPS services are now truly affordable and easy to use. The benefits of satellite navigation are now available at a price that is truly affordable. Free!

Operator Headgap Systems is proud to announce we are now offering this as a free service to all our users.

As a TeleFinder system operator you can offer this same feature to your system users. You can download and install this file:


TeleFinder News 10-11-00

The CrushFTP site has changed urls -

For those of you who don't know about Crush it is a Full scale FTP server.  Cross platform.  If you can run JAVA 1.1.8 or better, then you can run CrushFTP. It works well running in conjunction with TeleFinder. Ask for FTP access to Headgap/TFBBS is you are a TF Sysop. Robust, flexible, and easy to use. Inexpensive commercial quality product for a shareware fee of only $20. Fast, multithreaded design.  (927.25 KB/s downloads and 1,92.42 KB/s uploads achieved during recent tests using a 44.6 MB test file.  Server was a 450 MHz Celeron with 192 MB of RAM running Windows 2000.  Client was a 333 MHz Celeron with 128 MB RAM running Windows 95.) Resume well as resume upload. This was my initial reason for writing CrushFTP. A few Mac servers supported resume download, but none supported resume upload. You should be running the most current version of MRJ 2.2.3 available from the apple site.

To download the most current version of Crush go to:


TeleFinder News 10-2-00


Finally A USB Automatic Restart Solution!

Kick-off! from Sophisticated Circuits provides comprehensive automatic crash detection and recovery for your USB Macintosh. Using the same technology found in our popular Rebound! product for ADB Macs, Kick-off! monitors your system and automatically restarts it when it crashes. Kick-off! provides two levels of application crash detection, advanced logging, "bookmarking" and preventive restarting capabilities. You'll sleep well at night, knowing that Kick-off! is there to provide maximum availability to your server.


Building A Custom Settings File for Your Mac Clients

I occasionally get asked how to make custom client settings files for TeleFinder. I am not an expert when it comes to that. I actually learned what I know about it from an file called Customizing Settings Files.sea

What I actually ended up doing is modifying Spider Islands settings file. Eventually I borrowed materials from other settings files I came across including sounds that are present today in Headgap's deluxe settings files.

The path to the Customizing Settings Files.sea program info.

You will need ResEdit 2.1.3.sea which is in my Apple (local) folder and should be in the Apple area on the CD.

There are also many settings files that you can use to copy or borrow materials from. Many have cool icons and sounds. They are also on the CD but you can download them from.

I will warn you about ResEdit. Keep back copies of your work and keep copies of various stages of your job.

Make sure you don't accidentally leave your name and password in your finished settings file.

You must quit TeleFinder client completely as it hangs onto the settings files before and after working on settings files.

I also put some artwork on the TeleFinder CD that shows some example backgrounds for TF client. It is not available on the system at present.

Good luck. We will of course help if we can.


News 9-5-00

Using BitSurfer Pro with TeleFinder

Don was nice enough to share some settings he is using with a client. It seems the client and the server settings need to be different to get TeleFinder to communicate. Thanks for sharing Don!

Don Oiler <>

Here are the screen shots of the settings for the BitSurfer Pro. This is using it at V.120. Through put is up to 7500 cps on some of the files we have which are up to 8 meg each page.


Bitsurfer Client Settings

Client Settings


Bitsurfer Server Settings

Server Settings

Great values on used, tested, clean Mac Hardware

Featured software CD collections - $9.99 including shipping!


Serving HyperCard on your TeleFinder Server

Dennis Walsak, a fellow TF Sysop dropped me a line and asked if I had ever heard of LiveCard. I hadn't and he went on to tell me that LiveCard was once distributed with HyperCard when you bought a new Mac and it allowed you to serve HyperCard stacks over the web using your web server. He had tried a time or two and didn't have any luck getting it working and asked if I would look into it.

I finally figured out the problem and was able to make it work successfully. Thanks for asking Dennis, because it works well and is nifty. Here are the instructions.


Use LiveCard 1.1 with TeleFinder Server v5.7.3

The instructions given with LiveCard are simple and easy to follow. They will not work straight up with TeleFinder's web server however. The instructions tell you to make an alias of HyperCard and change it's name to Livecard.acgi and then to place the alias into the root WebServer folder. TeleFinder will not see this alias. What you do instead is pull HyperCard from it's folder and place it directly into the root webspace folder and name it LiveCard.acgi and make an alias of it and name it HyperCard and put that alias back in the HyperCard folder.

For the rest just follow the instructions and you too can be serving HyperCard stacks via TeleFinder, LiveCard and HyperCard.

As far as I can find, LiveCard is no longer supported. It does work okay on most stacks once you figure out how to navigate.

There are lots of HyperCard stacks available and perhaps you can use this to extend the uses of your web site.

We ran this on my test server site running TeleFinder v5.7.3 and MacOS9.04 along with HyperCard 2.2

Bob -

Need the file? Download LiveCardv1.1

News 8-21-00

Note from Rod Paine, ASTEC Company, Inc., Virginia, USA


The revised Apple V.90 modem used in the new Power Mac Dual-Processor 500 MHz unit appears to have improved a bit, but still isn't comparable to something like the USR Courier V.Everything modem.

I recently had to figure out a reliable string for the DP 500 and the attached screen capture of the TeleFinder Modem Setting appears to be fine, after several days of testing into our Courier I-modem V.90 host and several local ISP's.

I am passing it along to you for your users, who may be installing the DP 500 and using the Apple built-in V.90 modem via TeleFinder.




ASTEC Company, Inc., Virginia, USA
Consulting, Systems Integration and Systems Management
Services for Apple Macintosh Business Users, since 1988.
540-338-3547 voice 8 AM - 5 PM Eastern Time



The Secure Online Store is always OPEN!

I want to thank everyone for their participation in the system! We opened our secure online store back on February 20th and have enabled dozens of you to purchase new, updates, and upgrades of the best Web Server/BBS software. Get info on your server and make sure you are running v5.7.3! Upgrades are only $99.

You can order using VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover on our secure online store. Orders for server software in by 2 p.m. will be shipped out same day! Node upgrades take a little longer. Click the store button to browse in the top menu bar. We now ship parcel post to International addresses. We also accept FAX, Email, Mail and call in orders.


TeleFinder Web Conferences Broke in 5.7?

Anthony Helm, a sysop in Japan pointed out that the web conferences were not functioning properly after a post.

A quick fix is to install the topic.spml from the 5.6.1 version into the templates folder. You can download a copy at the following URL:

Type in Guest and tfsysop as a password if you aren't a system member.

Daniel O'Leary writes: I just got around to working this problem in my own Topic.spml template. To see my version in action check it out at the following URL:

I still have some minor adjustments to do before I give it to the world, but you'll get the idea.



 Many small bugs were fixed between v4.0 and 4.11. Make sure your Windows 95-2000 users have the latest version.


REMINDER: Lollipop FREE Version Available

 Lollipop - Usenet News Sucker that works with TF. Special Keyless Version now available. Thanks Jim! Lollipop allows you to connect to an Internet news server (NNTP) to download and upload messages to selected news groups. You can host the newsgroups you select right on your TeleFinder system. This allows both client users and web users to participate in the conversations without having to learn to use news server software. Jim Smith, the program's author released a special keyless version 1.05. Type in Guest and tfsysop as a password if you aren't a system member.


Download TF User NOW!

 I don't know for sure who developed the little download TF User Now logo but I built a couple of updated versions and have them located throughout the TFBBS site. These little icons can help encourage your users to download the latest versions of the client software. You can of course download the icons and link them locally or if you like you can cut and paste this code into your pages. This will enable your users to download the latest versions of TeleFinder Mac or PC Client from one of my mirror servers.

<Beginning -- TF User Now Code>
the TeleFinder Client Software Now!<BR></B></FONT><TABLE BORDER=0 CELLSPACING=1 WIDTH=400>
<CENTER><A HREF=""><IMG SRC="" ALT="Download TF User 5.7.2 Now!" WIDTH=88 HEIGHT=31 BORDER=0 ALIGN=bottom></A><BR>
<Ending -- TF User Now Code>


Low Prices!

 Since continued advancing development is not on the immediate agenda, Rusty agreed that a reduction in price was in order. The system works with OS9 (some folks have trouble, some don't) but personally I find that OS versions up through 8.6 offer stability and speed while using less resources for using the server. Rusty tells me that the software should even work all the way through OSX, although it will have to operate in classic mode. That means lots of folks can continue to use the client software for a few more years, and of course the web side will be available even longer.

Make sure and leave an email with your handle if you are an existing sysop for increased access.


Contact Us

Operator Headgap Systems
7308 S. Klein
OKC, OK 73139

 Bob or Cheryn Nunn
1-405-601-5288 11-3 CST Mon-Fri.

Hours of Operation:
11 AM to 3 PM CST M-F
Emergency support only in off hours

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