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TeleFinder Free Plug-Ins -

TeleFinder Mac Web ServerHDS Web Mail, Restart, Hit Chart, Change Password, Finger, Web User Manager, C++ Plug-ins included free with TeleFinder!

All Seven, OOPS it is now Eight! Plug-Ins below are now included with TeleFinder Server and remember SSI (SPML Active Pages) is built right in!

TeleFinder NOW includes HDS Web Mail Plug-In

Now all of your system users can send and receive mail from any Internet terminal anywhere in the world! See it in action at You have to register to use the mail.

Auto and Remote Restarting with PowerKey Pro

PowerKey Pro, from Sophisticated Circuits, is a "smart" power strip with individual outlet control. The TeleFinder PowerKey Pro Tickler plug-in will periodically communicate its status to PowerKey Pro. If the server fails to send its message because of a crash, PowerKey Pro can automatically restart the computer. PowerKey Pro also supports scheduled events and remote control by telephone. Use it with PageSentry from and you can even be paged in the event of a server failure, then dial-in your restart!
Note: Requires ADB support in server.

Auto-restarting with Rebound!

Rebound! is an easy and economical way to add auto-restarting to your server. This small device plugs into your Mac server's ADB port. If the Rebound Assist plug-in fails to periodically send an 'alive' message to Rebound!, the Mac will be restarted.
Note: Requires ADB support in server.

Finger Plug-In

Finger Plug-in is a Finger Client Gateway for your web site. You can use it to see the user's connected to a site, view a user's plan, or verify email addresses.

Results of the Finger Plug-in "inlined" into this page using the SPML "exec" command.

Online @ TFBBS/Operator Headgap BBS


No one logged on.

Change Password

Change Password Plug-in allows users to easily change passwords from the web.

User Manager

User Manager Plug-in allows the sysop to easily and securely add/edit users right from the web.

Hit Chart

The Hit Chart Plug-in allows you to graphically display your web stats.

SI C++ Demo-Plugin

If you are a developer you can build your own plug-ins. TeleFinder is also WSAPI 1.2 compliant which means you can use almost all of the Plug Ins that work with WebStar or Quid Pro Quo.

Active Page Scripting - Built In!

TeleFinder's Web Server allows users to create dynamic pages which can selectively provide information to clients on the fly, setup file downloading, manipulate forms data, perform custom logging and more. Active Pages are created using TeleFinder's Server Parsed HTML (SPML) commands which includes the well-known NCSA/Netscape/Apache Server Side Include (SSI ) command set, plus a number of very powerful extended commands.


TeleFinder v5.7.3 Mac Web Server and BBS

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