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About Us

Operator Headgap BBS originally started on a Commodore 64 with 2 -1541 drives and a 300 baud modem using 6485 BBS Software over 16 years ago by Bob and Cheryn Nunn.


Bob and Cheryn Nunn owner operators of operator headgap systems and tfbbs.comWeb design & hosting service, marketing services, and consulting. We also sell software, hardware, and provide hardware service, repair and sales. U.S. Distributor for TeleFinder Software.

We started this due to demand we received from our business and personal associations. This is now full time for us now and we have 3 other employees as well as numerous contract employees who perform services for us. In reality, we have been doing repairs and consultations for the last 16 years through our association with user group members and referrals. The past couple of years has seen a more applied effort to market these services.

The main part of our business consists of design, setup and hosting of web sites, although we still do a fair bit from providing marketing services and system repair. Our newest venture is eCommerce selling software and hardware on the Internet as well as providing support for TeleFinder systems.

Our top customers include: Tab of Memphis, Proserve, Inc., and XpressFiles.

We have consulted with Century 21 River Oaks and others.

We operate - which serves as a local portal on the web, advertising Memphis' best web sites. This not only highlights our customers sites, it has also become a revenue source from advertising selling. The page is also for sale and makes a great addition to any Memphis related web site.

We are very pleased to be the U.S. distributor and support system for the TeleFinder. I have written and distributed software used with this program suite and served as a beta tester since version 5.0. We want to thank all of the TeleFinder sysops out there that help with the support, especially folks like Daniel O'Leary from KloneZone who operates TFNET.


Contact Us


Operator Headgap Systems
7308 S. Klein
OKC, OK 73139

Bob or Cheryn Nunn
1-405-601-5288 11-3 CST M-F (voice)
fax #
or any links from

Hours of Operation:
11 AM to 3 PM CST M-F


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