How to Set Up Analog

for use with TeleFinder Server


Analog report of Operator Headgap's TeleFinder web server

I wanted to have advanced reporting from my Web Server.  Analog may be the answer for you.  It's free and the Analog program works pretty well straight up once you have the configuration file set up properly. 

To get the latest version of Analog click here.

file list need to run Analog on your TeleFinder Web Server log

Your WebServer.log needs to be on the same level that Analog is.  I simply put Analog along with these 4 files (analog.cfg, manconf.cfg,, in my TeleFinder Server folder where my WebServer log is stored.

Listed below are the parts of the analog.cfg (Analog Configuration File) that you will need to change to work with your server.  The bolded items are the ones are what I changed, I left everything after that alone. The config file is well commented and you may desire other changes for your system.

HOSTNAME "Operator Headgap BBS"
# Host name, used in the title of the report
# Host name will be a link to here
# Added to the front of URIs to link to pages in the request report
LOGFILE WebServer.log
# I placed Analog and the config file on the same level as my log. That
# eliminates the need for a path.  You would place the path here divided
# by colons instead of slashes and in quotes if you needed to.
# Specify the log file(s) to be processed. May consist of a list of file
# names separated by commas and may contain wild cards ('*' and '?').
# This can also be a relative or full path name, for example:
#LOGFILE "Hard disk:Telefinder Server:logs:*.log"
#CACHEFILE cache.out
# read data from a data cache file previously created by Analog.
# Output format, can be ASCII, HTML, or CACHE
OUTFILE "Hard Disk:Telefinder Server:Web Space:report.html"
#  This is the path to my Web Space Folder where I want the report.html to go.
# This controls domain name lookups. It will typically slow Analog
# down quite dramatically while lookups are being done!
DNSFRESHHOURS 672     # once every four weeks
# Frequency with which to recheck DNS cache entries in hours
# Don't list these in the referrer report
# Don't count requests from these hosts at all
# Turn this off to guaranty Analog exits when it is done
IMAGEDIR ./images/
# where to look for images (bars for the bar charts)
# Make sure the image folder is moved inside your web space folder!
LOGOURL ./headgapsm.gif
# the graphic in the top left corner of the report (Check this path)

After you save your configuration changes, simply double click the Analog Icon and it will run your WebServer.log and produce your report.html file!

I made up an AppleScript that simply launches Analog. I saved it as an application and I have TeleFinder Mail Server scheduled to run it at midnight.

To view my report click here.

If I can help you get yours set up and working drop me a line and I will do what I can.

Bob Nunn - Operator Headgap Web BBS


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