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Telefinder Server does many things extremely well. One thing I think is lacking is an organized way to administer the system. There are many tools like the excellent .siUserManager plug-in that let you remotely add users. Suzie 1.7 does an good job preparing system stats and Telefinder itself keeps track of many of its functions.

I occasionally have trouble remembering where I keep the different logs and what I named them. I though it would be a good idea to consolidate the logs and other administrative functions into one web accessible screen. I put them all on one main page and placed a bookmark in my browser (Netscape). These pages are rough and inconsistent (quick & dirty?). I would like for others to use and improve them and hopefully send me back what improvements you make. I am no expert.

Being able to copy and paste from the new user log to the user manager plug-in makes it easy to update your users from any browser.

To install:

You should simply place the sysop_admin folder, and the grafix folder in your web space folder. Set up a realm for /sysop_admin/ with sysop access only since there is information you do not want the general public to be able to see.

The next thing you will need to do is to create a logs folder inside your sysop_admin folder. You will have to place aliases of your Suzie output files (or define the paths in Suzie) into your web space folder in the sysops_admin folder Also aliases from the output of the mail server logs, oat log, call stats, new users and any other type of log file you are collecting.

You WILL need to adjust the paths used in these pages. If you open them in simpletext or TF user they will be highlighted in red. You will certainly want your logs, and or, their aliases inside the sysop_admin folder. You don't want a web spider reading out your stats and listing them in a search engine all over the net!!

You may also want to change the buttons and their paths on the sysop_admin.spml page to reflect how you use your system. You will also want to replace my headgapbanner.gif with a banner of your own.

You will access them with the address:


You can Preview the TF Admin demo from my website as well by clicking the link.

You may test them now using sysopstats.spml if you are using your server to preview this file. Telefinder spml commands must be served from a Telefinder Server to work properly. If you set up your realm correctly it will prompt you for your login name and password.

I hope you find them useful. If I can help you with your installation drop me a line. Please send me any improvements you make to my address below. I also accept donations. Thanks.


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