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User Manager Plug-In provides user database maintenance capabilities through the TeleFinder Web Server. This works with TeleFinder v5.5 and up.


Installing Web User Manager Plug-In

Copy the "um" folder into the "si_gifs" folder in your web space. If necessary, create a folder named "si_gifs" in the root web server folder.

Put "si-UserManager" into the Plug-ins folder and reset the web server.

Make sure that you have an "admin" realm setup using the "matchstring" method for "pi_admin" .


Calling up the si-UserManager Homepage

In your browser, use the "Load URL: command and enter. "http://yourdomain.com/.siUserMangaer". ( As usual, put the actual domain name of your server in place of "yourdomain.com" ).

This brings up the Web User manager start page. On all the Web User Manager pages you can click on the User Manager Icon to load the start page.

The start page is not password protected ( in a 'Realm' ) by default. All of the other pages are accessed via the plug-in's admin function and are password protected in the "Admin" Realm by default.


Using the Web User Manager

The start page lets you add a user, search for or load up a user record.


Very Important!

Make sure that the browser prompts you for a name and password for the following pages! If it does not, quit and restart the browser. If it sill allows access without a password, double check that the "pi_admin" realm is properly configured. If it still does not prompt for a password, remove the User Manager Plug-In until the problem is resolved.



To load a User Record enter "sysop" in the "Get the User Setup for " field. Then click in the get button. This should bring up the settings page for sysop on your bbs. This page shows the same information that the "edit user" command in User Manager does.



Go back to the start page. To search for a User Record enter "sys" in the "Get the User Setup for " field. Then click in the get button. This should bring up the "Users Found Matching "sys"" page.. This page shows sysop and any other user name containing "sys" in the TeleUsers file.


There are 4 buttons for each user:

Change: to change user privileges.

Remove: to delete the user.

Settings: to view user privileges.

Info: to view user information.



Go back to the start page. Click in the "Add" button. This brings up the "Add New User" page. To add a user, enter "testuser" into the name field, and "test" into the password field. Then click in the add button to create the user record in the TeleUsers file.

Please see the TeleFinder Admin Guide for information explaining each of the user settings.

Rusty Tucker
Spider Island Software

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