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TeleFinder Bulletin Board System (BBS)

The TeleFinder BBS is easy to set up. You don't need any in-depth knowledge of modems or networks. With TeleFinder's built-in setups and intuitive configuration, your BBS is up and running in just a few hours!

See the Quickstart Documentation - See the Full Documentation

The TeleFinder BBS package includes graphical client software for Macs and PCs with Windows. You can freely distribute copies of the client disks, or your users can just call your BBS to download the software. Using their favorite communications software, DOS users access the BBS using TeleFinder's menu-driven screens.

TeleFinder Server is a package that gives you everything you need to set up a complete Internet site for your business. Use TeleFinder to keep in touch with off-site colleagues, clients, and friends. TeleFinder's Mail and Public Message areas provide quick and easy communication. Quick file transfers let you share and distribute important data quickly. Each TeleFinder package includes all the software you need to set up and maintain your BBS, mail, and Web site. Every TeleFinder Server includes graphical client software for Macintosh and Windows that you can freely distribute to all the users of your BBS.

TeleFinder's File Transfer is Fast and Accurate

TeleFinder takes advantage of today's high-speed modems, digital telephone services (ISDN), and networks. Using a highly optimized ZMODEM file transfer protocol, TeleFinder moves your files faster than the competition and ensures data integrity with 32-bit error checking.

TeleFinder lets you communicate with Macs and PCs, and stores files ready to use in their native format.

 Modem, ISDN,LAN and Internet Access in One Multi-Line Server

TeleFinder makes it easy to simultaneously support users connecting from a variety of sources, including the Internet, your local area network, ISDN, and modems.

TeleFinder accesses the Internet using built-in connectors compatible with your existing, PPP, SLIP or Ethernet TCP/IP drivers. Reaching the Internet has never been easier!

TeleFinder provides built-in methods for connecting your AppleTalk local area network (LAN) to your BBS. The same BBS you use for in-house communication can be available via modem for remote access.

TeleFinder makes the new digital telephone system technology work for you. Using ISDN cards like the Planet ISDN-II, TeleFinder is capable of transferring files up to 4 times faster than the fastest modem. TeleFinder and ISDN provide the perfect solution when you need to move large files as quickly as possible. Cable modem or DSL customers can easily access your system using TCP/IP.

TeleFinder supports modems through the Mac's built-in serial ports and through Hurdler communications cards. Using Hurdler cards TeleFinder can support up to 24 modems per server at one time. 

Built-in Links to Other TeleFinder Systems and the Internet

When your needs grow, your TeleFinder BBS will grow with you. TeleFinder has server-to-server mail networking built right into the system. Using TeleFinder's mail routing capabilities, you can easily link your system to other TeleFinder bulletin boards to exchange mail and news groups.

As part of TFNet, each TeleFinder BBS has its own Internet domain name and can exchange mail with any computer on the global Internet, including America Online and CompuServe. TFNet is an association of TeleFinder BBS operators who work together to distribute mail and news to TeleFinder bulletin board systems around the world.

Start Your Own TeleFinder BBS Today!

To see TeleFinder in action for yourself, call our BBS via the Internet Log on using your own name and password. TeleFinder will create a personal account on our BBS where you'll gain free access to mail, messages, demos, public domain files, and the latest TeleFinder User software. You can also take a web tour of what the client looks like when connected to using the Mac client at the BBS Preview

When you're ready to set up your own on-line service, or if you would like more information call us at 405-601-5301.


New to the latest version 5.7.4:

Version 5.7.4 fixes web page display problems with new browser versions. Explorer 5.1 and Netscapte 6.+ now display correctly.

Version 5.7.3 fixes a memory handling of error in certain SPML pages. This improves the stability of the server. It also changed a WebSTAR API function. SendIPCMessage now deletes failed sends so that WaitForIPCMessage does not need to be called to dequeue the failed message.

Version 5.7.2 fixes the "Modem Setups" bug. Would crash displaying the list of available ports. Adds a new SPML config option lets you selectively exclude files from the #dir_list output based on filenames. The filename comparison supports wildcards.

Version 5.7.1, the dir_list can hide specified names ( using wildcards ) --> <!-- #comment this sample will exclude any homepage file from the #dir_list output --> <!-- #config dir_hidden="homepage.*" --> Version 5.7.1 fixes the Web page registration bug (really a bug in the SPML #FIELDS command). The fields comparison command in v5.7 did not correctly compare the strings in 2 fields, and would always return false, even if the data matched. In this version, the correct non-case sensitive comparison is made.

Low System Requirements:

To run the Internet Server software, you need a color capable Macintosh running System Software version 7.0 through 9.2.2. (works best with 8.6) If your system has less than System 7.5 you'll need to install the Thread Manager package.

Installation of the TeleFinder Server requires one megabyte (MB) of random access memory (RAM) to run two nodes. Each additional node requires an additional 125 kilobytes (K) of RAM. To run the TeleFinder/User communications software, you must have a color capable Macintosh with a hard drive, using System Software Version 7.0 or higher.

TeleFinder/User requires a minimum of one megabyte of RAM The TeleFinder/User and TeleFinder BBS Server programs operate with any Hayes compatible modem or integrated services digital network (ISDN) card that supports Communications Tools. Using "Hardware Handshake" cables permit faster transfers with 9600 bps and faster modems.


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Bob or Cheryn Nunn
(405) 601-5288 (voice)
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Hours of Operation:
9 AM to 6 PM CST M-F

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