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TeleFinder 5.7 Upgrade News -Operator Headgap Web BBS- TeleFinder Resources

TeleFinder BBS 5.7 Upgrade



The BBS Server software is backwards compatible with prior versions of TeleFinder User for Macintosh and Windows. Your user's can upgrade to the newer version of TeleFinder at their convenience. TeleFinder Server installs directly on to your existing BBS setup without making any changes.

System Requirements

TeleFinder Server uses lightweight threading to manage multiple connections from a single application. This provides your BBS with exceptional performance and speed. Threading requires Apple's Thread Manager. This is built-in to System 7.5 and can be installed as an extension for System 7.0 or 7.1.

TeleFinder Server for 2 Nodes requires 2Mb of RAM. Additional Nodes require 125K each. Each Web Thread requires approximately 100K of RAM.

The TeleFinder applications ship as "Fat Binaries" so that they will run in Native mode on both 680x0 and Power Macintosh.

The Web , Finger, POP3 and SMTP Servers require a TCP/IP connection.

How to Install the Upgrade from version 5.x

Install TeleFinder Server v 5.7

Your new TeleFinder Server requires a new registration code. Make sure you have a version 5.7 registration code before proceeding. Version 5.x registration codes will not work with this version of software. 

  • Archive your existing BBS in case you overwrite or throw away any important files during this process.
  • Copy TeleFinder Server v5.7 folder and its contents onto your hard disk. The instructions will refer to this folder as the "new TeleFinder" folder from now on.
  • Copy your old "Access Groups" folder and "TeleUsers" file into the "User Manager" folder in the new TeleFinder folder. This preserves your user database and privilege settings.
  • Copy the "Mail Server.config" file into the "config" folder in the new TeleFinder folder. This preserves your email settings.
  • Copy your TeleFinder BBS Node settings files into the "Start-Up Nodes" folder in the new TeleFinder folder. This preserves your BBS settings.
  • Set the application memory size of TeleFinder Server, User Manager and Mail Server to the same or higher than the settings you used for v5.x.
  • Open TeleFinder Server to enter it's serial number and select the number of Nodes you are licensed for.


When you first open the TeleFinder Server application it will prompt you to enter your TeleFinder serial number and registration code. Select the number of Nodes you are licensed to operate from the pop-up menu. Then enter the TeleFinder serial number and registration code for version 5.7

DO NOT create a new "TeleUsers" file. The "TeleUsers" file contains all the names, passwords and access privileges for each of your BBS users. Only replace the User Manager application.

See the documentation for additional setup and configuration instructions.


TeleFinder 5.7 Server