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TeleFinder Web Server/BBS Download Resources

Government approved web server and bbs TeleFinder Downloads

TeleFinder Server 5.7 Demo - The TeleFinder demo contains the software and documentation necessary to setup your TeleFinder Internet Server with BBS and Web Site. The demo package is over seven megabytes in size, and requires about twenty megabytes of available disk space to install.

Telefinder User for Mac OS v5.7.2! OS9 compatible! Require system 7.

TFUserLite - Old! TFUserLite is a graphic client for the Mac and is the old version 5.1.1. This version is smaller and requires less memory (1024) but doesn't have all the latest features. System 7.

Telefinder/User PC v4.11 Telefinder Windows 2000, '95, '98 and NT Graphic Client program! We have preliminarily tested with Windows 2000.

Terminal/Telnet - Term Programs for other platforms. Mac, PC, Amiga, Commodore.

TFBBS Sherlock PI - Add to your closed system folder to add Sherlock search capabilities of the TFBBS resources. Requires OS 8.6 or later

Tools - my main download area for TeleFinder related programs. Headgap registration required.

Sysop Utilities - programs to be used in conjuction with running a TeleFinder system. Headgap registration required.

Plug In's & CGI - plugins and cgi's to be used in conjuction with TeleFinder's Web Server. Headgap registration required.

Settings - settings files for use with the Mac TeleFinder client software. Lets you view graphics & sounds. Headgap registration required.

SPML Templates- SPML examples for use on any TF Web Server. Headgap registration required.

Development Tools - resources for development of TeleFinder. Headgap registration required.

Headgap Client Software Download Page - contains a few more resources for using software with TeleFinder Server. New fast alternate download page.

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Download TF User 5.7.2 Now!

Download TF User PC v4.11
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