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System Features - Press Releases

Press Releases Launch - Operator Headgap System provides TeleFinder Sales & Support, Memphis, Tenn., March 12, 2000 - Operator Headgap Systems.

TeleFinder v5.7 - New release builds on Server Extensions, File Transfer, Chat features, and OS Updates. Irvine, CA - October 22, 1998 - Spider Island Software.

News of Interest

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Don't Preregister Domain Names By Bob Nunn, August 2001, WWW.DOT

How To Make A Bad Web Site By Bob Nunn, July 2001, WWW.DOT

Circular References May Not Be Resolved! By Bob Nunn, June 2001, WWW.DOT

Web Marketing for Business Professionals! By Bob Nunn, May 2001, WWW.DOT

Yoohoo Yahoo! By Bob Nunn, April 2001, WWW.DOT

Look Ma, No Wires! By Bob Nunn, March 2001, WWW.DOT

Black is Back! By Bob Nunn, February 2001, WWW.DOT

2001 A Web Odyssey By Bob Nunn, January 2001, WWW.DOT

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More New Stuff - Marketing Your Products By Bob Nunn, September 2000, WWW.DOT

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You've Got Your Web Site, Now Get It Noticed (Part Two) By Bob Nunn, April 2000, WWW.DOT

You've Got Your Web Site, Now Get It Noticed By Bob Nunn, March 2000, WWW.DOT

Virus News - I Love You and Viruses on the Mac. Includes links to the latest commercial and shareware and freeware anti-virus programs.

Mac servers withstand hacker attack on Army site, by Dennis Sellers, March 15, 2000, 7:00 am ET,


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