SpiderIsland Video Chats

Spider Island Software, the developer of the TeleFinder programs, hosted a weekly video conference with it's sysops via the Internet. Interested parties from all over the world participate. As the sysop of Operator Headgap BBS, I enjoyed and learn from these weekly chats!

TeleFinder Video Chat window

This is a screen shot from my system while participating in one of the conferences.

The discussions vary but the main topic is the latest developments of TeleFinder. TeleFinder acts as a BBS, Web Server, and Mail Server all in one suite.

This is a screen shot from a geektalk chat window.
The text is read back to me via the built in Mac voices.

The hardware used to participate is a Macintosh 68030 or better, a connection to the Internet, and a Quick Cam from Connectix. The small Quick Cam Cameras cost less than $100. The software used is Cornell University's CU-SeeMe and Spider Islands own Chris Silverburg's Geektalk. Geektalk allows you to assign voices to each participant so that the text you see on the screen is read to you in the Mac's built in voices. The software is freeware.

It was hard for me to imagine being able to see and "talk" to the developers of the programs I am using. What if all software developers were to work this way? Sometimes the changes we discuss are in the new Beta versions of the software the same day!

Listed below are some links to my recorded chat sessions. Click to view what you are missing out on!

Click if you have an interest in using TeleFinder BBS/Web Server Software.


TeleFinder v5.7.3 barely street legal turn your mac into a web serving hotrod