TeleFinder Pseudo Users

  1. Overview
  2. Setting Up
  3. Sending Mail
  4. Standard Notifier User
  5. Caveats


Online Assistant for TeleFinder uses a system of computer-controlled BBS users in order to communicate with real users using the system.

These users appear in the Online Users List in TeleFinder User in the same manner as other BBS users, but their BBS Node Name is different.

Many of OAT's features may be accessed by sending instant messages (IMs) to the pseudo users, and they will reply with the appropriate responses.

Setting Up

OAT comes pre-configured with one pseudo user named 'Online Assistant', which is connected on the node called 'Special Connection'. You can change the settings for your pseudo users by using the External User Settings window in OAT.

Sending Mail

In addition to sending instant messages to the pseudo users, BBS users can also send mail messages to the pseudo users and the users will carry out any actions as if the message had been sent through an instant message.

The message should be on the first line of the email message body. The subject line is ignored, and responses are still by instant message, assuming the user is online at the time.

Standard Notifier User

If you have more than one Pseudo Online User, you must select which user you want to send messages for such utilities as User Notification and Mail Notification.

Do this by selecting the user name from the Standard Response User submenu under the Users menu:


The only advantage of having more than one online user is that you can name them differently and make it easier for your users to see what they can do.

eg Conference Searcher, File Searcher and Highlander Helper.

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