Mail Notification

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Mail Notification is a feature that informs online BBS users if they receive new email while they are online. The notification comes in the form of an instant message from the Standard Response User.

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Setting Up

In order to turn on Mail Notification, simply select Mail Notification Enabled from the Online Assistance menu.

Mail Notification is currently a system-wide preference. If you would like a per-user setting to be implemented, please contact

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When in operation, Mail Notification will detect the arrival of new mail in a user's mailbox. If only one item is found, the message will indicate the subject line and the sender of the email. Otherwise, only the number of new messages will be reported.

The messages that are sent to the user may be modified by editing the Language File.

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Please note that Mail Notification will only work for BBS users who are using standard TeleFinder email (not POP3).
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