User Logon Notification

  1. Overview
  2. Setting Up
  3. Usage
  4. Caveats


User Logon Notification allows BBS users to be notified by means of an instant message when other users log on and log off. Users can specify which users they are notified about.

Setting Up

A file called 'logon.txt' should be placed in the user's 'pub' folder, inside their mailbox. Note that this is different from the MaxTF implementation, where the file was called 'notifyme.txt'. Files called notifyme.txt will automatically be renamed to logon.txt.

This file should contain the user names of users whom the user would like to be notified about. Alternatively, an asterisk (*) may be placed on its own at the beginning of the text file to indicate that notification should occur with all users.


Once the 'logon.txt' file has been set up, User Logon Notification will work, provided there is at least one OAT pseudo-user online.

You should also ensure that the Standard Response User is selected.


You can change the text that is sent to the user by editing the Language File.
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