Remote Sysop Commands

  1. Overview
  2. Setting Up
  3. Commands
    1. Restart
    2. Shutdown
    3. Hard Restart
    4. Rebuild File Search Engine Access List
    5. Rebuild File Search Engine File List
    6. Quit
    7. Set File/Folder Attributes


The Remote Sysop Commands are a set of instructions that you can issue to one of the online pseudo users in order to perform useful admin-related tasks on the server machine while you yourself are at a remote location.

Commands include restarting and shutting down the server, adjusting file names, types, creators, locations and rebuilding File Search Engine data files and repairing topic files.

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Setting Up

You can enable and disable most of the commands listed here from the Sysop Commands submenu on the Online Assistance menu. In addition, you can set the criteria that is required in order for a user to carry out these commands. To do this, simply check the necessary items in the Criteria for Sysop submenu.
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Hard Restart

Rebuild File Search Engine Access List

Rebuild File Search Engine File List


Set File/Folder Attributes