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The OAT Language File provides a way for the end user to modify the text strings used by OAT when communicating with BBS users.
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Section Types

The command section indicates that the following data is for the definition of a command. This is the text-equivalent of commands that may be sent to the online users.
The keywords section indictes the keyworded-parameters that may be used with the most recently defined command.

The keyword '++++' indicates that there are no discrete parameters and the whole rest of the command line be taken as one parameter.

Modifiers are keywords that stand alone, as boolean options without extra parameters, similar to AppleScripts with operators.

The modifier 'ignr' will be ignored by the parser, and can be used to make the command line more readable.

The messages section contains all the messages that are used by OAT when sending messages to the online users. You can edit the existing strings as required.
Please view the Language File itself for more information.
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