Using the Web Space Folder

The "Web Space" folder may automatically appear in your mailbox if the Sysop has configured your account to be able to publish HTML pages. Contents of the Web Space folder are accessible via the HTTP protocol, which is used by the World-Wide Web and "intranet" networks.  


The URL for the homepage is based on the hostname of the BBS. Replace any spaces in your logon name with the underscore ('_' ) to create a name suitable for a URL. TeleFinder is not case-sensitve with names for login, or in URLs.

For example, at Spider Island, "John Smith's" homepage can be found via the following URL:


Check with the Sysop for information on what the default home page (index) file should be named. The default file base name is "homepage." The optional extensions are:

.spml, .spm, .html, .htm


The .spml and .spm are the default file extensions for TeleFinder's Active Page Scripting files. With Active Page Scripting you can add Forms Processing, Includes and many other Dynamic features to your web site.


You can upload pages and graphics, but not executables like CGI programs or Web Server Plug-ins. Executables may only be installed by the system administrator in the appropriate server folder.