Session Time Window

You can open the "Session Time" window by selecting the "Session Time" command from the Special menu. This window displays useful information about your connection to the BBS.

The Session Time window displays the following information.


BBS Node Name - "tcp-5," this is the name assigned by the BBS operator to the node of the BBS you are connected to. On multi-line BBSes each Node will usually have a different name.


Connection Info - "•Open Transport TCP/IP." This shows that you're connected to the BBS using TCP/IP.


Time Connected - This displays the running total of hours, minutes and seconds that you been connected for in the current session.


Time Remaining - This shows how much longer you may be connected for in the current session. Since BBSes have a limited number of modems most system operator impose "per logon" time limits for each user.


Last Logon - This is the time and date of your last connection to the BBS.


Host Time - This is the local time and date at the moment of your connection to the BBS.


K's Downloaded - This is the cumulative number of kilobytes that you've downloaded from the BBS.