Using the Pub Folder

The "Pub" folder contains special files such as your "Profile" and a "Forward" file. If this folder does not exist, it can be created by using the "New Folder" command from the File menu.

The two files are discussed below.



If a file named "profile.txt" is present in the pub folder it will be viewable by other users and should be used to describe yourself.

For example:

I'm the administrator of this bbs and web site. Please call me during office hours for assistance at 714 555 1212, or email to

John Q. Sysop  


The contents of the Profile are accessible when a user selects the "View Profile" button in the List of Users Online window. The contents can also be retrieved via the Internet using the "Finger" protocol if the Sysop sets up this feature.  



If a file named "forward.txt" is present in the pub folder it is used by Mail Server to forward your e-mail to another Internet address. This feature may not be available, so check with your Sysop to determine if this is allowed. The forward.txt file is a text file that contains e-mail addresses separated by a comma.

For example:,,

The forward.txt file may also contain your name. If it does, you will receive a copy of the message in your mailbox. If your own name is not included in the forward.txt file, the e-mail will be forwarded to the destination and not delivered to your mailbox.  


Creating the Files

You can create the profile.txt or forward.txt files using TeleFinder/User by choosing the "New Text" command from the File menu. Input the data you want, then save it under the appropriate name.

After creating the file,  login to the BBS and upload it to your pub folder.