TeleFinder/User can be customized by choosing "Preferences" from the Edit menu. The preferences window had four panels that are discussed below.


General Panel

The "General" panel contains six options.  


Open the connection window on startup

If this option is ON, TeleFinder/User will open the "Connect" window automatically when the program is first started.  

Save Password

If this option is ON, TeleFinder/User will save the user password to the current settings file whenever a connection is made to a BBS. If this option is OFF, the password will not be remembered.  

Remind me to save messages I read

If this option is ON, TeleFinder/User will prompt you to save an e-mail message if you have not already done so, when you close an e-mail window. If this option is OFF, you will not be prompted.  

Remind me to post to message topics

If this option is ON, TeleFinder/User will ask you if you would like to post a message to a topic when you attempt to close the topic. If this option is OFF, you will not be prompted.  

Alert me that my mail has been sent

If this option is ON, an alert will be displayed after an e-mail message has been sent. Otherwise no alert is shown.  

Reply Quoting

The Reply Quoting option controls if and how the contents of a message are quoted in your reply.
  • Entire Message - Quotes all the the original message in your reply.
  • Selected Text - Quotes just the highlighted portion of the original message in your reply.
  • Nothing - Disables quoting.
  • All, or Selected Text - This is like a combination of the first 2 options. If nothing is highlighted in the original message, the entire message is quoted. Otherwise, just the highlighted portion of the original message in your reply.



Views Panel

The "Views" panel allows you to customize how items are displayed in TeleFinder windows.


Desktop Font / Desktop Font Size

For windows that display BBS files, you can select the font and font size. Items will be normally be shown in black text and plain style.

Newest Items

You can choose how new items are displayed by choosing the style attributes and the color for new items. The default is to display new items in bold text.  


Helpers Panel

The Helpers panel lets you associate applications with specific file types so that they can be automatically processed after downloading from a BBS. After the download is complete, TeleFinder "opens" the file using the helper application just as if you had manually opened the file using Finder.


Add, Change, Remove

Use these buttons to edit the contents of the helpers list.

Helper Name

The Helper name displays the name of the Application that will process the downloaded file.


The Extension/Type displays the MacOS file types that will be processed by a given application.

Use Internet Config

This lets you use the File Mappings specified by Internet Config rather than TeleFinder's Helper list to choose a Post Processing application.


Online Chat Panel

The "Online Chat" panel allows you to customize TeleFinder/User's chat windows. These settings apply to multi-user chat, chat with sysop, and instant messages.  


Chat Input Text

The "Chat Input Text" section allows you to specify the text characteristics of the chat window input area. This is where you type your messages. You can specify the font, size, style, and color.  


Chat Logging

The "Chat Logging" section allows you to specify if chat messages will be logged to a text file. You can specify the name of the file and whether the file is ASCII text, or tab delimited. A tab delimited file will have the format of the name, followed by a tab, followed by the message text. The log file will be placed in the same folder as TeleFinder/User.  



The "Background" section allows you to customize the background color for chat windows. The default is white. If this is changed to a dark color, it is important to also change the text color of all the chat user profiles to use lighter text colors for the messages. See the section "Chat User Profiles" for details.


Desktop Panel

The "Desktop" panel is only necessary for Macs that do not have Macintosh Drag & Drop software installed. System 7.5 and later include Macintosh Drag & Drop built in. Without Macintosh Drag & Drop, TeleFinder must create its own desktop, that works similarly to the Finder, but is separate.  


Use full screen for TeleFinder desktop

This option specifies how TeleFinder will display its desktop. If this option is ON, TeleFinder/User will display its own desktop using the whole screen, like the Finder. If this option is OFF, TeleFinder will display its desktop in a separate window.  

Desktop items placement

This option allows you to specify how Finder icons are arranged on TeleFinder's desktop. Icons can be arranged where Finder puts them, on the right side of the screen, or left in their volume windows.