Using the File Basket

TeleFinder's File Basket is the best way to keep track of files that you might want to download later. 

To use the File Basket just drag a file's icon to the File Basket window. TeleFinder will create it's own alias of the file in the File Basket window.

File Basket aliases support all of TeleFinder's file operations. You can use them to transfer, view, open and get file information.

Viewing the File Basket by Thumbnail lets you easily compare images and file descriptions.


Downloading from the File Basket

You can just drag files from the File Basket to your hard disk as you would from any folder. 

TeleFinder will also prompt you to download files in your File Basket before you disconnect. If you choose Yes, TeleFinder will download all the files in the File Basket, then disconnect.

Files can be removed from the File Basket by dragging files to the trash can. Files that are dragged from the File Basket to the trash can are not deleted from the BBS, only removed from your File Basket.