Miscellaneous Setup

This section describes automating server start-up and points to other chapters for additional information.



Automating Server Start-up

You can automate the process of starting up the Server by making an alias to the "TeleFinder Server" application and placing the alias in the "Startup Items" folder in the System Folder.

TeleFinder Server will automatically start the User Manager and Mail Server applications.



The Basic Server is Complete

The basic configuration now contains all the necessary elements of a BBS and a Web Server. This is a good time to proceed to the "Using TeleFinder/User for Macintosh" chapter. In this chapter you'll learn how to logon to, and use your BBS through its graphic interface.

Use the "Customizing your BBS" chapter to learn about managing file and topic areas, providing ISDN support, multi-user chat, and levels of user access.

Use the "Web Server" chapter to learn how to customize and manage TeleFinder's Web Server.

Use the "E-mail" chapter to learn about using external gateways, Internet e-mail, and the Post Office Protocol.