Installing the Web Server

This section describes the process of setting up TeleFinder for Internet Web Serving.

This chapter assumes that you are familiar with the MacOS. You should already know how to select menu commands, use the Finder for creating, opening, and copying folders, and organize files within folders. If this is not the case, please refer to the Getting Started Guide that comes with your Macintosh computer.



Starting the Web Server

The TeleFinder Web Server comes pre-configured, but not turned on. All the HTML source files can be found in the "Web Space" folder.

In order to support the Web Server, your computer must have MacTCP or Open Transport installed and properly configured.


To start the Web Server, follow these steps:

•Choose "Server Settings" from the Web menu. The settings dialog will appear as below:

• Select the "Server" icon from the scrolling list. This displays the Server settings pane.

• Turn on the "Web Server Master Switch" checkbox.

• Enter the domain name of your computer in the "Server Name" field.

• Click "OK" to save the settings. At this point the "Web Server Log" window will open and four Web Server threads will immediately begin running.

The pre-configured setup will serve documention and samples only. Please refer to the "Web Server" chapter for details on configuring the Web Server and loading your own HTML and graphics files.