Setting up TeleFinder

This chapter describes the process of setting up your TeleFinder Internet Server for BBS connections and Internet Web Serving. Once the basic BBS has been installed, you can refer to later sections in this manual to customize your server.


This chapter assumes that you are familiar with the MacOS. You should already know how to select menu commands, use the Finder for creating, opening, and copying folders, and organize files within folders. If this is not the case, please refer to the Getting Started Guide that comes with your Macintosh computer.


Installing TeleFinder

• Insert the "TeleFinder Internet Server" CD-ROM disk into your CD-ROM drive. The disc should appear and open automatically.

• Select a location to install the software. Typically, this is the root level of the hard disk. Copy the "TeleFinder Server" folder from the CD to the desired location on your computer's hard disk.

• Once the copy has completed, you will have a new folder in the location you specified containing a pre-configured and fully functional BBS. In the Finder, the folder will look similar to the one pictured below.

• Double-click on the file "TeleFinder Server." The first time that TeleFinder Server is launched, you will be prompted to enter a serial number and registration code. These items are included with the TeleFinder software package.

•Once you have entered your registration code and serial number, TeleFinder Server will automatically launch the User Manager and Mail Server programs. TeleFinder Server is now functional and running. The next steps will describe how to install modem nodes, TCP/IP nodes, and the Web Server.


Setting up the BBS and Web Servers

The following sections describe the procedures for installing the BBS and Web Servers.

Installing the BBS This chapter describes the process of setting up your TeleFinder Internet Server for BBS modem and TCP-IP connections.

Installing the Web Server This section describes the process of setting up TeleFinder for Internet Web Serving.

Creating Logon Accounts This section will shows you how to create additional logon accounts, one for a regular user, one for a sysop.

Miscellaneous Setup This section describes automating server start-up and points to other chapters for additional information.