Scheduling with Mail Server

Mail Server allows periodic tasks to be performed according to a built-in schedule. Schedule items are specified with starting and ending times, and may be scheduled for any day of the week.
Start and stop times are in 24 hour format. The 24 hour format begins at midnight (00:00) and ends with eleven fifty-nine PM (23:59). Twelve noon is 12:00. AM hours are 01:00 through 11:00. PM hours are 13:00 through 23:00.


The event can be set to run for specific days of the week, or everyday of the week.

Simultaneous schedule items can occur at the same time, as long as two "Call a TeleFinder BBS" items are not trying to run at the same time. Otherwise only the first event will be performed.


Tasks you can Schedule

The rest of this section describes the different tasks that Mail Server supports. Each task can be chosen from the "Task" pop-up menu.


Call a TeleFinder BBS

The "Call a TeleFinder BBS" schedule item is used with the "TeleFinder BBS Gateway" to schedule a time to call another BBS to exchange messages.
The first item, "BBS" is used to select a BBS to call, from one of the gateways that is installed in Mail Server. See the section "Using the TeleFinder BBS Gateway" for information about this gateway.
  • "Call only if outbound mail is waiting" tells Mail Server to only make the connection if there are messages waiting to be sent. If the item is ON, Mail Server will ignore the schedule item if there are no outgoing messages for the specified gateway. If the item is OFF, Mail Server will always perform the schedule item.

  • "Disconnect user after __ minutes" is used to instruct TeleFinder Server to disconnect a user that may be connected to the Gateway node on the BBS, if a pending schedule item is set to be performed. The user will be notified that a pending event is about to occur that may disconnect the user from the BBS.

  • "Call continuously" sets Mail Server to repeatedly make a connection to the BBS for as long as the event period lasts. This should be used in conjunction with the next item, "Delay between call attempts." Together, you can achieve a method of allowing Mail Server to call periodically every specified number of minutes.


Allow SMTP Connections

If the TCP/IP connection will not be active 24 hours a day, a schedule item will need to be created for the SMTP gateway. Scheduling prevents the SMTP gateway from attempting to establish connections to the Internet if the connection has not been established.


Launch an application

The "Launch an application" schedule item allows Mail Server to begin the execution of an application at a specified time. This can be used to launch third-party software to perform gateway functions, or used to launch AppleScript applets that may perform maintenance functions.

The "Find Application" button is used to locate the application to launch. The "path" to the application will be displayed in the field below.


Trim Topics

The "Trim Topics" schedule item instructs Mail Server to remove any extra messages that have accumulated in the message topics due to a previous import. It is recommended that this task be performed in a schedule at least once per day.