Remote User Management

You can add new users, or change user privileges, through the BBS's terminal interface. You need the "Can Edit User Settings" Sysop privilege to use this feature.

If you have the "Can Edit User Settings" Sysop privilege, the "Sysops Main Menu" replaces the "Main Menu" in the BBS's terminal interface.

Spider Island BBS-NC, 4:36:19 PM

- Sysops Main Menu -


<D> Download Files

<C> Conferences

<E> E Mail

<S> Chat with Sysop

<U> Upload Files

<F> Edit Users


    <G> Log off | <T> Session Time | <P> Change Password


Type "F", then press <return>, to add users or change user privileges.

The BBS displays the "Edit Users" menu. This menu provides access to the "TeleUsers" file.

- Edit Users -


<A> Add a User

<S> Show a User

<F> Find a User

<C> Change a User's Access Group

<P> Change a User's Password

<L> Change a User's Time Limit

<K> Change a User's Logons per Day

<D> Delete a User


<M> Main Menu | <T> Session Time


    edit choice >


• Use the "Add a User" command to add a new user to the "TeleUsers" file. The BBS will prompt you to enter information about the user. After you enter and confirm the information, User Manager creates an account for the user. User Manager gives the user the access privileges you establish with the "New Users Settings" dialog.

• Select the "Show a User" command to view a user's current access privileges.

• Use the "Find a User" command to display a list of BBS users.

• Use the other commands in this menu to change a user's access group, password, time limit, and maximum logons per day.