Managing Files Remotely

You can use the remote disk management feature to perform the following maintenance activities:
  • Move files from one folder to another.
  • Move folders into another folder.
  • Delete files from the hard disk to create free space.
  • Change window view, size, and placement.
  • Create new folders.
  • Delete Folders.

All remote file management functions are performed with TeleFinder/User for Macintosh.

Only users with at least one of the following privileges can perform the tasks above:

  • A user with the "Can Make Changes" Sysop privilege. This setting permits a user to perform maintenance in any area of the BBS that the user has access to.

  • A user with both the "Can write to path" and "Can delete from path" access group privileges. The access group privileges allow you to restrict a user's maintenance activities to specific paths.

  • Any user with the "Can create folders in path" access group privilege can create new folders. This privilege does not permit the user to perform the other maintenance activities, however.


Moving Files and Folders

You can move a file or folder into a different folder by dragging the icon of the file or folder into another folder. The new parent folder must be on the same disk as the original parent folder.



Changing the View of a Folder

To change the view of a folder, perform the following steps while you are on-line with TeleFinder/User.
• Bring the window of the folder to the front of the screen.

• Select the view you want from TeleFinder's Windows menu. TeleFinder will then sort and arrange the icons.

•  Select the "Clean Up Window" command from the Windows menu. TeleFinder will then send the TeleFinder Server new information on window size, placement, and view for the foremost window.

•  To create a new folder in a BBS folder, select the "New Folder" command from the File menu. TeleFinder will then open a dialog prompting you to enter a name for the new folder. Enter the folder name, then click in the "OK" button. TeleFinder will then create the folder using the name you provide.


Users can delete and move files within their mailbox unless you turn on the "Mail Locked" guest restriction. Users can also create new folders within their own mailboxes as long as the "Mail Locked" restriction is off.