Setting the Log File Options

TeleFinder Server maintains a log file as an audit trail of BBS activity. This file is an invaluable source of information when problems occur. For example, you can use the log file to find out if a user is entering the wrong password.

Each Node of the TeleFinder Server puts a log file in the "Log Files" folder. This folder is in the same folder as the TeleFinder Server application. You can open it with TeleFinder/User's text editor or any word processing program.

The file is a text file containing a chronological listing of individual user activities, such as files transferred, folders opened, and mail sent. The log file shows the time the host started, when users connected, and when they logged off.

To set TeleFinder Server's log file options, follow the instructions below:

• Select the "Log File Options" command from the BBS menu. TeleFinder Server will open the "Log File Options" dialog.

• Select the options in the "Log File Messages" group to customize the information stored in your log file.

TeleFinder Server logs the following information when you turn these options on:

  • Opened Folders - A message whenever a user opens a folder.
  • File Transfers - Information about each file transfer.
  • Chatting - The text from user to Sysop on-line chats.
  • Message Activity - a message when users read or write e-mail and messages in topics.
  • Deleted Files - A message each time a user deletes a file or message.
  • Error Messages - Code numbers and descriptions when errors occur.



Per Node Log File Options

You can instruct TeleFinder's Nodes to create a single log file, or multiple log files. This option and the log file name are set in the "Node Options" dialog.

Open this dialog by selecting the "Node Options" command from the Node menu.


• Turn the "Create a new file each day" option ON to create a separate file for each day's activity. TeleFinder will create a unique name to each file by combining the text in the "Naming Options" text box with the current date.

•Turn the "Create a new file each day" option OFF to create a single file with all activity. TeleFinder will use file using the text in the "Naming Options" text box to name the file.