Installing an Auto Display

An Auto Display is a text message, or GIF graphic, that appears on users' screens when they connect to your BBS. You can use Auto Displays to inform users of important news concerning your BBS. You can also have different messages appear to different users since the auto message is part of an access group. Follow the instructions below to create an Auto Display.

• Compose a message using any text editor. You can use the editor in TeleFinder/User to do this. Then save the message as a plain text file.

For a Graphic Auto Display, create a picture, then save the graphic in the GIF format.


Add the Auto Display to an Access Group

• Open the User Manager application, or bring it to the front if it is already running.

• Select the "Open" command from User Manager's File menu.

• Select and open the Access Group you want to add this message to. This will open the Access Group window.

• Click in the "Add Auto Display" button.

• Select the file you saved in the first step, then click in the "Open" button. User Manager will create a path to that file.


User Manager displays the "Auto Display Option" dialog next.


You must now decide if this message should appear only once, or every time the user logs on.


• Turn on or off the check box, "Send file only once."

If you turn on the check box, the message will appear to each user only one time. If you change the message file, it will appear again.


If you turn off the check box, the message will appear every time the user logs on.

• Click in the "OK" button to add this file as your Auto Display.


Repeat these steps if you have more messages to add to the group. You can remove messages when they are no longer useful to you. Select the path in the access group window, then click in the "Delete" button to remove it.