Installing Chat on your BBS

TeleFinder's chat features provide your BBS "Instant Messages," "Chat Rooms," and the "List of Users On-line."

Instant Messages are "User to User" messages. Chat Rooms let several users participate in a real time conference. The List of Users On-line lets users see who else is connected to the BBS at the same time they are.

With User Manager you control which users have permission to use the Chat features. You can disable a users' access to Instant Messages, Chat Rooms, and lists of Users On-line by turning on the global "Cannot Use Chat" Guest Restriction.

Note: A user can still receive and reply to Instant Messages when you select this setting.



Add a Chat Room

You add Chat Rooms to your BBS through a User Manager Access Group. Chat Rooms are kept separate from one another by identifying their channel number, and presented to the user with a name and icon.


•Open an Access Group with User Manager. The Access Group window contains an "Add Chat Room" button.


• Click in the "Add Chat Room" button to bring up the "Chat Room Options" dialog.


Use this dialog to:


•Choose an Icon to represent the room.


•Name the room ( up to 31 characters ).


• Link an "Auto Text File" that shows on the user's screen when they enter the room. This text file, and all other "Auto Text" files can contain styled text.


•Pick a Channel for the chat. The channel keeps this Chat Room separate from any other Chat Room on your BBS.

Every Chat Room with the same Channel Number will transmit it's messages to all other Chat Rooms with the same Channel Number.


• Click in the OK button to add this room to the Access Group. The save the Access Group using the Save command from the File menu.

Repeat these steps to add more Chat Rooms to the same Access Group, or to add Chat Rooms to other Access Groups.