Appendix A:

Hardware Handshake

Pinouts and Wiring Diagrams


The following diagrams depict the cabling required for hardware handshaking between your Macintosh and your modem.

Diagram 1:

Serial port pin connections for Macintosh Plus, SE, II, Quadra, LC, Classic, and PowerBook computers using the mini-8 connector. The Hurdler HQS and QuadraLink NuBus serial expansion cards also use this serial port.

NOTE: The Macintosh SE, II, and Quadra connect pin 7 to General Purpose Input ( GPI).

Diagram 2:

Serial port pinouts for the Macintosh 128K and 512K computers using the DB-9 connector. This serial port does not support hardware handshaking.


Diagram 3:

Cable diagram for hardware handshake. This diagram shows the minimum requirements for a hardware handshake cable.

Other variations include:

· Connect Macintosh DTR to both Modem RTS, and Modem DTR.

· Connect Macintosh pin 7 ( General Purpose Input) to Modem pin 8 (Carrier Detect). The Macintosh Plus, and some newer Macintosh models ( LC, PowerBook, Classic ) do not support pin 7.

· Connect Modem pin 20 ( Data Terminal Ready ) to Modem pin 6 (Data Set Ready).


TeleFinder is compatible with the use of these cable variations.