Year 2000 Compliance

"Year 2000 Compliant" means that a program, when used in accordance with its associated documentation, will (a) initiate and operate, (b) correctly store, represent, and process dates, and (c) not cause or result in an abnormal termination or ending, when processing data containing dates in the Year 2000 and in any preceding and following years, provided that all third party products that exchange date data with the program do so properly and accurately and in a form and format compatible with the program.

The TeleFinder client for Macintosh provided by Spider Island Software under the License agreement process dates only to the extent that the Products use date data provided by the host or target operating system for date representations used in internal processes, and graphical displays such as the file modifications date shown in sorting of directory listings, Date data in email is internally stored as 32 bit offsets from Jan 1, 1904 as presented by Mac OS and is designed to correctly sort and represent dates until the year 2040.

Any Year 2000 Compliance issues resulting from the operation of the Products are therefore necessarily subject to the Year 2000 Compliance of the relevant host or target operating system. Spider Island Software directs you to the relevant statements of Apple Computer, Inc., relating to the Year 2000 Compliance of their operating systems. Except as expressly described above, the Products, in themselves, do not process date data and therefore do not implicate Year 2000 Compliance issues.

The preceding paragraph does not apply, however, and Spider Island Software does not assume any liability for, the performance of any applications that authorized licensees may create through the use of the Products, nor for any Year 2000 Compliance issues that may arise from the use of the Products with any third party products, including hardware, software or firmware (and including without limitation the host operating systems referenced above). Except as expressly provided in this letter, Spider Island Software makes no Year 2000 related representations or warranties for the Products, and any such warranties, including any implied warranties, are hereby disclaimed.

We appreciate your concern regarding the Year 2000 compliance issue and look forward to continuing to bring you quality communications tools into the next millennium.


TeleFinder 5.7 Server is Y2K compliant

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