Topic Link Repair

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The Topic Link Repair function allows you to manage the relationship between your Mail Server configuration and the actual topics present on your BBS.

It will autmatically update links to topic files that you have moved, add links to topic files that are not already linked (so you can trim them), warn you of topics that no longer exist and re-generate the topics themselves if they have disappeared.

Setting Up

No setting up is required for the Topic Link Repair feature, except that you ensure that the TeleFinder User Manager and TeleFinder Mail Server are running and OAT is linked. You must also ensure that the Access Groups you have defined in User Manager cover all the topics on your BBS, because OAT will search all the areas defined by your access groups for topics to repair. Only access paths that are defined as topic paths will be searched.


First please ensure that you have first saved any changes to your Mail Server configuration by selecting 'Save' from the 'File' menu in Mail Server.

Next choose 'Repair Topic Links' from the Local Assistance menu and the Topic Link Repair process will begin.

If any changes to the Mail Server Config file were required, the Mail Server application will automatically quit, OAT will update the config file as required and then re-launch Mail Server. The original config file will be renamed and saved incase you want to undo the results of the Topic Link Repair.

You can check the results of the Topic Links Repair action by viewing the Online Assistant Log file.


One good way of using Repair Links is to first edit your Mail Server config file with a text editor and remove all of the 'thrd' configuration lines. This way, there will be no links to any topics on your BBS.

Next, run Repair Links and let it create new links for all the topics that are available on your BBS.

Finally, edit the new Mail Server config file with a text editor to find/replace the required topic trimming settings.


Topic Links Repair takes the following actions: You should check the OAT Log after the Topic Links Repair to check what action has been taken.
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