Registration Codes

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  2. Getting Started
  3. Entering the Keycode


OAT uses a system of registration keycodes in order to license copies of the application.

You must contact Highlander Data Systems for either a beta evaluation keycode or you may purchase a full copy of the application and be given a fully licensed keycode.

Getting Started

Send email to with the following details: Within a short period you will be sent a keycode with which you can register your copy of OAT.

Entering the Keycode

In order to enter the keycode, choose "Enter Registration Key" from the Apple menu within OAT.

Enter the details shown on the email you get from Highlander Data Systems exactly (you can cut and paste each item if you like), and show OAT where your TeleFinder Server application is so it can extract the TeleFinder serial number.

Assuming all is correct, your copy of OAT will be registered.

In order to check the amount of time you have for evaluation, check the About window.

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