Mail Compression

  1. Overview
  2. Setting Up


Mail Compression provides a method of reducing the amount of traffic involved in gateing uncompressed news and email between TeleFinder BBSs.

Both sides of a TeleFinder gateway must be running Online Assistant for TeleFinder in order for Mail Compression to work.

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Setting Up

In order to use Mail Compression, first ensure that your Mail Server Config file (named 'Mail Server Config') is in the same folder as the Mail Server application. As of version 5.5 of Mail Server, the config file may also be in the TeleFinder Server 'config' folder, but OAT will be unable to find the Mail Server Config file in that location.

Once both User Manager and Mail Server are available to OAT, the Compress Mail For submenu on the Local Assistance menu will be available. It will list all TeleFinder mail gateways that are set up in your Mail Server Config file. Check those gateways which you would like to send compressed mail to.

Once a gateway has compression enabled, OAT will periodically check the outgoing gateway folder and compress any mail packets found therein. These compressed packets will then be sent to the other system as normal.

Once the compressed packets have arrived at the remote site, the OAT running there will automatically (no setup required) decompress any mail packets arriving.

What this means is that if you advertise the fact that you are running Online Assistant for TeleFinder, other systems can simply turn on compression for your system and the connection times will be much shorter!

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