Machine Lock


Machine Lock has been removed from Online Assistant for TeleFinder until further notice.

If you would like the feature reinstated, please email If there are enough responses then the feature will be added again.


Machine Lock provides a system for you to provide security for your server machine that operates in an open environment.

It prevents unauthorised users from using the mouse or keyboard on the machine. Any attempts to use the mouse or keyboard will present a password dialog window.

The software can also prevent Command-Option-Escape (Force Quit), the debugger (MacsBug or ROM Debugger) and restart/shutdown using the Power button.


To use the Machine Lock feature of OAT, select the 'Machine Lock Settings...' item from the 'Local Assistance' menu. Here you can set the options for the feature.

In order to function, the feature has to install a system extension into your Extensions folder. OAT will do this for you when you turn it on for the first time. If you have any difficulties with the feature, just remove the extension (called 'Machine Lock').

One option of interest is the 'Dim Screens' feature. This only works for indexed-colour screens (ie 8 bit or less), and dims the screen to 50% of its normal value when the keyboard and mouse are locked out.


The timeout option in the settings window determines the period of inactivity after which Machine Lock will disable keyboard and mouse input. Please give us your response to this feature!
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