Mailbox Cleanup

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Mailbox Cleanup lets the sysop maintain users' mail boxes on the BBS. It does this by automatically deleting files that are older than a certain date. Files in the users' pub folders or in Web Space directories are left alone.

The utility allows different criteria to be set for each access group, as well as the option to have an 'amnesty' period, whereby the user will be given the opportunity to delete the files themselves or download them and make backups before the system deletes them automatically.

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Setting Up

Mailbox Cleanup is easy to set up, simply edit the Mailbox Cleanup Config file found inside your Configuration Files folder.

The file consists of the name of an access group, followed by a TAB character and then a number indicating the number of days that mail will be kept for.

access-group-name <tab> days-to-keep-mail<return>
You can enter an asterix (*) as the access group name to indicate that that setting will be used for any access groups that aren't defined elsewhere in the file.

In addition to the above, you can also enter an 'amnesty' period, during which users will be given the opportunity to delete their own mail. To set this up, simply add the number of days of amnesty after the number of days to keep mail (separated by a TAB character). eg

access-group-name <tab> days-to-keep-mail <tab> days-for-amnesty<return>

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Once you have set up Mailbox Cleanup Config file, Mailbox Cleanup will automatically run every 24 hours. You can also start it manually by choosing Run Mailbox Cleanup Now from the Local Assistance menu.
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