Buddy Lists


Buddy lists provide a way to send mail automatically to a group of BBS users. The sysop defines the lists and then users on the list (or the sysop) can use the group.

Sysops are also able to send mail to every user, or just to specific access groups.

Setting Up

You will see a text file called 'Buddy Lists' in your Configuration Files folder. In this file you should place the name of the buddy list and the users on it, separated by tabs. Place each list on a different line. For example:
Quake Players <tab> Jonathan Paisley <tab> Ken Sutherland <tab> Mark Hillen <return>
Avara Players <tab> Jonathan Paisley <tab> Peter McMaster <tab> David Doig <return>
Note: there are no no spaces between each item and the tabs, the spaces above are purely aesthetic.

Buddy Lists requires Mail Filtering to be in use in order to function.


In order to make use of the buddy lists, simply address your mail to the buddy list.

Only users who are part of the buddy list can make use of the list. If you would like this to work differently, please suggest another way of handling the security.

Sysop Extras

Sysops have the added bonus of being able to mass mail to particular access groups or to all BBS users:

Place the name of the Access Group surrounded by underscores in the to field of an email.

For example:

To: _Subscribers_
To: _Evaluation Access_

In order to mail to all users, simply send to _All_.


You should note that sending mail to all users could take some time. Non-POP3 mail users are mailed internally by OAT, whereas POP3 mailboxes are managed by Mail Server.

Please also note that people sending mail using SMTP will not be able to use buddy lists.

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